One Man War

Entry for GMTK JAM 2019

Theme: Only one

One Man War is a 2-player RTS game where each faction can only control one unit, has only one building to defend and can only mine one resource!! 
Destroy your enemy to control the only map!!

How to play:

  • You move your unit around the map
  • Attack enemies and buildings by running into them
  • Mine wood attacking the trees with your peasants
  • Change units using wood by passing over the flags next to your castle
  • To fire arrows with the archer prepare one arrow while not moving (holding "archer key") and fire it right or left with the direction keys
  • Attack the enemy castle but beware, you'll lose if your base loses its 50 hit points!!
  • Soldiers make a 3 damage attack to other units but a 5 damage to castles.
Blue Player uses WASD to move and holds Shift to fire with the archer
Red Player uses the arrow keys (Up, Left, Down and Right) to move and Delete for the archer

v. 1.0.1 -- Some bugs fixed


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OneManWar.exe 13 MB
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Development log


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My first impression was a bit weak, but as I played a bit I thought the gameplay loop was surprisingly good. I liked how the knights were strong but slow and the archers fast but fragile. I think adding a 3 or 5 second respawn timer would prevent killing an attacking knight super fast as a peasant.

this is a good game but, there are some problems of course. first is that the list of units don't match up with the flags making things confusing. and that it's almost impossible to kill a knight without one of your own, which makes getting wood later very hard. and the archer is almost unusable.

IDK why people either like the archer or can't control them. Soldiers are slow so an skilled archer may kill them (depending on the layout left by the cut trees). But really, as you may find in the bottom of the description, Red Knight has a bug (I wrote blue instead of red in one code line). It'll be fixed though, I just need to wait for the Jam to end. 

Frankly, I wasn't expecting too much from my first game, but seems like some of you like the idea :)

Great application to the theme - controlling only one at a time makes it so tricky. I think I'm the archer type :P

I really like it! I can't seem to get arrows to work, though.

(1 edit) (+1)

For Blue Player: Hold Shift (you won't be able to move while you pressed it) then press A or D. You'll shoot and have a small waiting (for balancing purposes) before you can move/shoot again.

For Red one, the same with the delete and the arrow keys. 

Archers have that waiting time and can only shoot left and right for balancing which makes them not too much overpower. In an Ideal game, archers keep being a good option cause they don't attack the castle with melee so they avoid the 1 damage from atacking, so they needed some disadvantages. I also made the soldier able to resist 2 arrows and yet attacj the castle once so you have another viable option against archers (as they don't do any close combat damage)

Love it! Simple yet elegant and original. 

Thanks!!! I'm happy to see someone can enjoy my first game. It still needs some fixing and updates though. :)

I just went out of bounds trying to get faster hits on the castle via going to the side next to the border. ):

Someone noted it too. I think I forgot one line of code somewhere. I'm waiting for the jam to end to fix this things.